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More than 100 years of experience. A well-founded technical knowledge. Investment in research and certification. 100% independent.

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Colored granules and minerals in all their forms, colors and for all your projects. Constant renewal of the product range in response to the latest trends.

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A unique location and infrastructure in the Port of Ghent. More than 30 different types of materials can be delivered quickly from stock. No loss of time on our site with its own...

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Red minestone : a split with long history

The extraction of red minestone, also known as red mine cuttings, is a process that occurs primarily as a by-product of mining activities. This stone is formed by the oxidation

Bag production line at Ghent Aggregates

Ghent Aggregates, a leading supplier of high-quality decorative gravel and decorative pebbles, has recently made a significant investment in an advanced bagging machine. This machine is specially designed for packaging