Product name : COMBLANCHIEN

Also known as : Roi, Bourgogne blanc, Beige ivoor
Origin : Limestone
LA: 25
Grain sizes :

  • 4/6 (on stock)
  • 6/14 (on stock)

Remarks : This is the only real Comblanchien limestome coming out of the reputated Bourgondy wine region. This limestone marble is hard, qualitative and really elegant for all landscaping and concrete projects. It's elegance will be praised by many. Mainly off white when dry, it turns slightly ivory with rosé accents when wet. This limestone comes from hard rock quarry, doesn't split and is color stable in time. Ghent Aggregates is one of the main distributors of this high qualitative limestone. It's suitable for all landscaping and concrete projects.

You are looking for the exclusive Comblanchien limestone marble? This is it!

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