Product name : MAGNETITE

Origin : Magnetite >90%

Product name : MAGNETITE
Origine : Magnetite >90%
Specific weight: 4.700 à 4.800 kg/m3
LA : 35
Grainsize : 0/1, 0/8, 8/16, or premix on demand

Remarks: Ultra heavy aggregate for production of high density concrete, isolating concrete for radiation bunker, fundaments, ballast, counterweights, etc. Very pure calibrated and produced aggregate black colored for any application available. Attention when handling : small batches can be very heavy!

Advantage use of MAGNETITE in concrete plants : no coloration of the environment or production area like alternative heavy weight aggregates

Feel free to contact us for any enquiery or questions. Available for Belgian and French market. We are keen to help you also in other countries.

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