Products and Services

Ghent Aggregates minerals and aggregates: Decorative gravel and pebbles, coloured crushed and round stone or technical sands and minerals for each project!

High quality durable building materials for the concrete and landscaping industry

A list of products delivered by Ghent Aggregates is almost endless. And your time is precious, so let’s keep it short. We provide and select for you:

  • Decorative gravels and pebbles
  • Building aggregates
  • Coloured sands
  • Synthetic aggregates
  • Glass aggregates
  • Minerals for ballasting or light weight
  • Glow aggregates
  • Filter sands

Our quality materials are applied in, among others, concrete projects, park and garden, public works, road construction, hydraulic infrastructure, urban development, sports facilities and water treatment.

A partner who thinks with you at every stage of your project

Ghent Aggregates is more than your supplier of minerals and aggregates. We already engage in your project, even before it starts. We are investing in the research and certification of new aggregates and decorative gravelto broaden and confirm their fields of application. This offers more possibilities for you, both aesthetically and technically!

What else can you expect from us?

That we are always there for you when you need us. To help you with the design, for example, so that you can easily select the optimal material for your application. Or that we provide the necessary samples on request. And of course, that we deliver correctly during the construction or creation of your project. In short, the service of a partner who understands your needs.

The online catalogue of Ghent Aggregates is extensive, but never comprehensive. That’s because we like to meet the specific requirements of each project and we aim for the continuous renewal of our range of products following the latest trends. Looking for a product? Just ask, we will be happy to help you.