Centre d’affaires Diamant Liège

Project realization: May 2016
Subject: terrazzo concrete with glass aggregates
Product central: Ruby Red Glass 9/12

terrazzo granito concrete, which is polished at the end. Very exciting in this project is that the same granito terrazzo concrete has been used inside and outsite. Big large glass windows open up the space and the continuity of the floor accentuates this feeling.

For this composition the following aggregates have been chosen :

  • White marble aggregate (e.g. ARUBA EXTRA WHITE)
  • Black limestone broken Onyx Black 20/32
  • Ruby red glass split 9/12

The concrete has been placed and threaten by Ets. Bernardin, actif in polished and terrazzo concrete in Belgium and northern France.

The choice for qualitative glass aggregates, tinted in their mass, opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities in terrazzo and concrete flooring. The aggregates presented by Ghent Aggregates in glass are suitable for all applications, also when polished without loss of colors, intensity, quality, etc. About 800kg have been used in this project to create inside and outside flooring. The Ruby Red glass blinks in the sunlight and makes the floor more vivid.


Ghent Aggregates offers all sort of colored glass aggregates. Looking for one color, size of special project? Do not hesitate to contact us for inside or outside use. Many colors and grainsizes available, on demand. Also broken mirror glass with two faces are available for your projects.

Ghent Aggregates is in Ghent your specialized partner for all aggregates, natural, synthetique, glow in the dark, glass for all applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.