Sports Hall Harnes

Realization project: May 2015
What: washed concrete application with Glow Gravel
Products used: GLOW GRAVEL AQUA 11-14, ROYAL 4/10, SAMBER GREY 6/14

The Township Harnes in France constructs a fantastic new sports hall in 2014-2015. This hall is meant to receive also the first division men volleyball club Harnes also. This is therefor an enormeous prestige project for the Town. Ghent Aggregates had the pleasure to participate in this project to create the foreplace and entrances of the sports hall. A washed aesthetic concrete was choosen, only we had to create a concept which went perfectly with the brand new building and its typical materials. Quickly we came up with a off-white and rose accented gravel for the major space, and accents in lighter grey with glow gravels.

The composition was definied:

  • Royal 4/10 for the biggest spaces and access
  • Samber grey 6/14 for three rectangular accents
  • Glow Gravel Aqua 11-14 (250gr/m2)
  • CEM III cement – lightgrey colored
  • Classic sand for concrete 0/4

From concept to realization we worked about three weeks. The Major and technical services were quickly convinced by our samples created. The production and placing of these concrete went smoothly due to an excellent collaboration between Ghent Aggregates and Eqiom Béton, CRH Company, who worked with us on this project.

The use of glow gravel gives an original accent in the dark. Here the green AQUA color has been used because the same green is in the logo of the town. During night these green glow gravels glow out all night. A fantastic starlike zone has been created. During day the glow gravel is rather white colored, so we repeat the same starlike fantasy during day because they are included in grey gravel Samber Grey, which contrasts fantastically.

Ghent Aggregates is exclusive importer and dealer in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and also importer for the UK and other European countries. Our productline is developped and produced in Canada. We have choosen for the most efficient products around the globe, after having tested them all. Everyone agrees when you want to use this kind of materials, you only go for the best. Because taking out lower quality products after some years can cost even more than chosing directly for the best. Please note the use of this product : only on surface, here +- 250g/m2. These reduces your cost per square meter enormously. Contact us for more information on these products and your glow projects. Professional assistance in concrete and asphalt use provided.