About the Company

Ghent Aggregates: the solid combination of a young company and more than 100 years of experience in building materials

You read it well, young with more than 100 years of experience! Ghent Aggregates was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Kesteleyn. With Ghent Aggregates, Jonathan relies on a solid foundation of five generations of tradition and experience in building materials. In this way, we immediately demonstrate our dynamism. The activities of the Kesteleyn family have evolved since the beginning of 1900 from the transport and distribution of building materials through the waterways for local markets in the Kortrijk, and after the Interbellum in Ghent to several generations of trade and production of raw materials, concrete and their sustainable transport by inland navigation and maritime transport in Belgium and Europe.

Today from Ghent, Ghent Aggregates is your importer and specialised supplier of high quality natural and synthetic gravels and pebbles, coloured aggregates and technical minerals serving the concrete industry, the construction of commercial buildings, the road construction and landscape development. Our challenge? Offer you a complete range of colour aggregates and minerals in all their forms and colours. We achieve this through partnerships with dozens of producers and quarries directly in Europe and solid logistics, supported by our site with a large storage and packaging of decorative gravel in the Port of Ghent.

In this new structure, Ghent Aggregates has become – even more than a suppliera specialised and committed partner for you as a contractor, builder, developer, designer or producer. The added value we offer is clear: You benefit from well-researched technical knowledge and an outstanding logistics network. Add to that our total independence and the quality and service we offer in the aggregate market and you know why we are a solid and reputed reference in the sector since more than 100 years.