Site Ghent

The extra service: a wharf with stocks

Each project is a challenge and often a race against all deadlines. Thus, Ghent Aggregates relies heavily on supply chain optimisation. This investment is your time saving. Because you win twice. Our site in the Port of Ghent contains more than 30 different types of aggregates in all colors and dimensions. So, many of our references are deliverable quickly from our stock. And this in an efficient way thanks to our unique location and infrastructure.

  • Accessible for inland and maritime navigation
  • Close to train and container terminals
  • Accessible by road transport, close to the entrance to the R4, connected to highways E17 & E40

Punctual, fast, correct, practical … all words that apply to the delivery and logistics of Ghent Aggregates. Our site with weighbridge is equipped with dozens of storage boxes and has different types of aggregates in stock. Our big bag system designed by ourselves packs tailor-made in big bags of 1500, 1000 or 500 kg, even in your own private label big bag.

Collect without wasting time

You want to collect your goods? You can! And our excellent location – near the entrance of the R4 with access to the E17 and E40 – allows for quick loading and departure. The loading operation itself is entirely dedicated to efficiency. No time lost on our site with weighbridge and weighing unit on wheel loader! Your truck is loaded quickly and precisely to your wishes. In short, with our site in NORTH SEA PORT, Ghent, we cover not only your needs, but also the imports and exports in Europe and beyond.