Product name : MARQUISE
Alternative name(s) : French Dolomite, Grey-Off white
Origine : Limestone
LA : 21
Grain size : 0/4
4/6 (stock)
4/14 (stock)
60/90 (stock)
Rocks for waterworks

Remarks: suitable for roadworks, no heavy trafic zones. Suitable for private driveways, walkways, decorative concrete and landscaping. These materials are also available for stonebox and waterworks in heavy weight class (LMA and LMB). Very nice hard limestone for concrete, washed and decorative concrete, asphalt works, landscaping use etc. Mainly grey and off-white, containing some rose spots. Suits perfectly with modern and classic environment.

This is a great limestone which goes also perfectly in all terrazzo granito concrete applications and contains also a high level of CaCO3 and can therefor be used in different industrial products. Contact us for your ideal grading. Above list is just a part of what is available.

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