Advance NMBS Melle

Wharf: NMBS Melle by Advance in order of BAM Contractors
When: December 2017 – January 2018
Product used: Belgian porphyry (+600 tons)

For BAM Advance Greencare from Hamme (Flanders, Belgium) takes on the wharf for NMBS (Belgian Railways) to create large parking zones and stock areas in Melle near to Ghent. This realization has to be done in short notice, given winter holidays in between and hard weather conditions.

The challenge : foundation and finishing split to be delivered in short notice, in a changing planning due to weather conditions and time pressure. All the way the wharf Ghent Aggregates accompagnies workers in order to deliver right at their work location. This way all transport on wharf and manipulation on site is minimalized. The belgian porphyry split 0/6 is a perfect foundation materials. Well-calibrated and once compacted it forms a solid hard underlayer.

After posing gravel grids on this foundation of 0/6 split, Advance Greencare fills these grids and concrete grids with belgian porphyry 6/14. Hard stone aggregate is durable in time and not sensitive to rain of water. No crushing or breaking with pressure, trucks, cars, due to perfect mechanic performance of this stone, grey-green colored.

Snow, rain, ice, or sun, Ghent Aggregates delivers when and where needed, in Belgium, France, Holland and beyond. Our logistic service covers all your needs. We follow with quality aggregates and top logistic services. In Melle about 600 tons or 20 trucks have been delivered by Ghent Aggregates!