Glow Parking Calais

Realization project: May 2017
What: asphalt with Glow Gravel
Products used: GLOW GRAVEL AQUA 11-14 & EMERALD YELLOW 11-14


EUROVIA France, agency of Calais, has the intention to create the glow in the dark asphalt product range together with Ghent Aggregates in France. This esthetic asphalt will be used afterwards in major infrastructure projects on the French coast coming up. The parking lots created in Calais will be a first showroom.


During the creation of these two parking lots for the directors a manual placing of warm asphalt has been used. The asphalt was fresh out of production. The premixed glow aggregates Aqua and Emerald Yellow were manually spreaded into the non-compacted freshly put in place asphalt. The density was about 250g per . This is actually sufficient for the creation of a nice not overloaded starlike parking space or roadway. The temperature of the asphalt was by the end of the works about 131°C. The products were finally 4 times compacted with a roll compactor and sufficient wet rolls. Without using wet rolls the glow might stick to the rolls and this might make you lose your design or spreading of materials.  



Ghent Aggregates is exclusive importer and dealer in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and also importer for the UK and other European countries. Our productline is developped and produced in Canada. We have choosen for the most efficient products around the globe, after having tested them all. Everyone agrees when you want to use this kind of materials, you only go for the best. Because taking out lower quality products after some years can cost even more than chosing directly for the best. Please note the use of this product : only on surface, here +- 250g/m2. These reduces your cost per square meter enormously. Contact us for more information on these products and your glow projects. Professional assistance in concrete and asphalt use provided.

Images by Jonathan Kesteleyn (c)