Hotel Jam Brussel

Project realizaiton: February – Mai 2016
What: terrazzo concrete with cream round gravels
Product used: HAUTE MARNE 4/14 R (Mignonette)

For the creation of this design hotel architect Lionel JADOT has choosen for a New York 20ies style. The combination of wood, concrete and colorful accents together with a extraordinary design gives a remarkable result.

This concrete has been conceived with these aggregates:

  • Marne grind 4/14 R (1.250kg/m3) by Ghent Aggregates
  • CEM I cement – dark grey color
  • Classic concrete sand 0/4

This design concrete has been mixed up and put in place by Servi Diam, specialist in Terrazzo. Servi Diam is actif in Belgium and specializes in polished concrete, decorative concrete, washed concrete and terrazzo concrete applications, inside and outside.

This concrete has been produced and transported by CCB Beton (Cementir groep). The mixture is put in place by pumping the concrete. After hardening, it is polished preciously. The excellent properties of the gravel used combined with craftmanship gives a fantastic flooring. The excellent quality of the Haute Marne gravel makes polishing easy without losing performance in the concrete. The gravel responds at all quality standards meeting EN12620. This Marne pebble is free of pyrite and intensively washed during extraction and production. Technical data sheets conform CE EN12620 are available on simple demand.

All colors and sorts gravels and pebbles are available at Ghent Aggregates for your concrete project. You are looking for a specific color, broken or round, for inside or outside? Do not hesitate to conact Ghent Aggregates for an offer or samples.

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